Samarkand Vocational Training Center

Samarkand Vocational Training Center trains and retrains unemployed people in modern specialists according to the referrals from the district and city employment centers. According to the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers, the center provides vocational training and retraining of the unemployed and temporarily unemployed, including graduates of professional colleges and academic lyceums. Teaching period is for 8 months including 2 months on job traning.


Admission for the center is two time on a year:

  • Submission of documents for 1-admission is from february till march
  • Submission of documents for 2-admission is from august till september

Vocational Training (retraining) of Unemployed people in the center is free of charge of the following professions:

  1. Speciality Mechanical technician for car repair and maintenance.
  2. Speciality of welding and Plumbing.
  3. Speciality of Electricity and electronics.
  4. Speciality of Computer engineering technician (Information Technology).
  5. Speciality of Mechanical engineering technologies.
  6. Speciality of Computer graphics and multimedia systems technician

Address: Uzbekistan republic, Samarkand region, Samarkand city, Spitamen street, 264a house

Phone: +998(66)221-72-62, +998(66)221-73-62

Web site:

Telegram: @samarkandvtc

Facebook: @samarkandvtc